About Us



At Shady Exotics we work hard to bring you quality products that not only enhance your home, but are good for the soul and environment. 

We started Shady Exotics with one goal in mind: providing you with the best houseplants, isopods and terrariums at fair prices.


Hi we are Jamie and Derek Slimmer.  We run Shady Exotics together from our home in New Jersey, and do everything from raising isopods and plants to making custom terrariums.  We do all of the designing, printing, and packaging of all our products.  

Jamie started out doing aquascaping but eventually she ran out of room for all of her fish tanks. The only logical thing to do was to start making terrariums.  She made her first terrarium and was instantly hooked.  She has since added terrarium necklaces and keychains.

I have always enjoyed plants indoor and out.  One day while sitting in front of a computer I decided that I wanted to take my love for plants and turn that into a business that my wife and I could manage with our kids.  So in January of 2023 we took the leap and formed Shady Exotics.  Since than we have worked endlessly trying to get the business off the ground.  We have added products, done events, opened online shops and now we even have a small shop at The Spot on the Ave in Vineland, NJ.

We source our plants from credible growers throughout the East Coast and vet the plants in our own little shop so we can confidently say we sell the best plants you can get! 

All of our isopod cultures are produced in-house from captive bred stock. Cultures are not for sale until they have been in our possession for  6 months or more.  

All of our terrariums are handmade by Jamie and upon request she will customize a terrarium to match your needs.