Terrariums offer a great way to have  your own miniature garden indoors using low maintenance plants and a glass or container.  At Shady Exotics we offer closed and open terrariums.  When deciding on what type is best for you and you house, make sure to take something's into consideration such as the placement of the terrarium, the amount of time you want to spend tending to it, and the plant types that you want.

A closed terrarium is a self sustaining ecosystem that can provide a lifetime of pleasure.  Closed terrariums will thrive with a little attention and a lot of love.  Having a closed terrarium is what allows these containers to become self-sustaining ecosystems. Once a glass container is sealed, it becomes its own little rainforest producing its own condensation and humidity.   A closed terrariums humidity will range from 70-90% humidity due to the lid trapping in the heat and moisture.  We use tropical plants that are hand picked and are ideal for closed terrariums.

An open terrarium is perfect for succulent lovers.  Succulents have been found to work best in an open terrarium since they hold water in their leaves and they like a more arid environment. Their small size works well in tiny enclosures, and makes it easy to create a miniature desert landscape in your home.


For closed terrariums, keep your terrarium in indirect sunlight.  Direct sunlight will overheat the container and damage or kill your plants.  Flowering plants require additional light to bloom.  Place terrariums with blooming plants in an east facing window and remove the cover if exposed to direct sunlight.  Terrariums can be placed anywhere in the house if artificial lighting is provided.  Use either fluorescent or incandescent lights to light your terrariums.  The temperature inside of your house is sufficient for your terrarium.  


A covered terrarium produces its own water through condensation during photosynthesis.  If there is condensation on the glass during the morning and late evening, than it is an ideal ecosystem.  If there is condensation on the glass throughout the day, than there is too much moisture.  Remove the lid for a couple of hours to help evaporate the excess moisture.

An open terrarium will need to be misted more often.  Feel the soil, look at the plants and water cautiously.  Too much water will cause the roots to rot and damage the plants.


While we take every measure possible for your terrarium to arrive to you intact and healthy, we can not control how your order is handled while in transit to you.   We do not accept returns on our DIY kits, because why would you want to return a terrarium that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure?  If the glass or the plants in your kit are damaged during shipping, please reach out to us immediately with pictures of the glass and plants, as well as the condition of the box they were shipped in.  Send this to info@shadyexotics.com and we will get you taken care of. 

We guarantee healthy terrarium plants on arrival. If they're significantly damaged or die within 7 days of arrival, we will replace them at our expense and no questions asked.  Send photos to info@shadyexotics.com and we will get it fixed.

All custom terrariums are packed using packing peanuts so the materials inside of the terrarium are secure during transit.  Upon arrival, make sure to remove the packing material and inspect your plants and container.  If the glass is damaged during shipping, please reach out to us immediately with pictures of the glass, as well as the condition of the box it was shipped in.  Send this to info@shadyexotics.com and we will get you taken care of.  Please note that although your terrarium is packed with packing peanuts, there is a chance that the plants and material inside of the terrarium may shift or become dislodged.  After removing the packing material, you may need to clean the glass with a cloth if debris/soil gets on the glass or replant plants with tweezers if they become uprooted. We do our best when packing your terrarium and we hope that this isn't the case with the delivery of your order.  Just beaware this may occur.